Prosper Ltd. makes it possible for you to own your own business. You’ll be your own boss, and control your own time. Enjoy residual income and be on your way to financial freedom.

Prosper Ltd. exclusive products, and proven business opportunity, are exactly what millions of people are searching for—greater wellness and financial security. You make money simply by sharing your dream with others.

Everything about the Prosper Ltd. business opportunity helps you build a solid, stable business. From our exclusive products to regular opportunity meetings, you’re primed for success.

Bring your passion to our simple, proven plan, and you’ll find the wealth and freedom you’ve always wanted.


Network Marketing or Referral Marketing is something we all do everyday. As an example, if you liked the movie, Jurassic Park and praised it to your friends, they would most probably go to watch the movie at the cinema. Then they would tell other people, who might also go to watch the movie … and so the link continues without you knowing. The cinema hall benefits, and the producers of the movie make money.

Because of you, fifty or probably hundreds of people watch the movie. How much effort did you take? I think None. The same applies to any other product or service.

But does the company thank you for this new customer?

The answer is “No”

In multi level marketing YOU get the rewards being as a brand ambassador and promoting your dream. You directly get rewarded for your recommendation of Prosper Ltd.


PROSPER LIMITED established in 2013 with a team of direct selling expertise, with ambition to bring the industry to a new age.

PROSPER target to become one of the leading direct selling companies, offering meaningful products in diverse markets. We provide borderless opportunities through our eCommerce platform to everyday people all over the world.

PROSPER’s grass-roots business model enables ordinary people from all walks of life to start their own business with minimal overhead. With hard work and dedication, PROSPER distributors, known as Independent Members have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, raising the standard of life for their families and communities.

PROSPER recognizes that people are our greatest assets. Our distribution network’s boundless energy is fueled by a collective aspiration to achieve financial independence. We are dedicated to giving our distributors & members the tools and education they need to strengthen their understanding of our products and business model and we are engaged in developing them on a personal level.
At PROSPER, we celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity. Our leadership team and employees are drawn from worldwide and our customers will be present in whole planet . We take pride in being the veritable corporate in the future!